Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Original Function: 

flock guard



Other name: 

Entlebucher Sennehund, Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Place of Origin: 


Date of Origin: 


Primary Current Function: 



Not much is written about the history of the Entlebucher mountain dog. However, it is believed that this breed is named for a town and region located near Lucerne, Switzerland.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Health

Major concerns: 


Occasionally seen: 


Average Size of Male: 

Height: 19 - 20 inches, Weight: 55 - 66 pounds

Average Size of Female: 

Height: 19 - 20 inches, Weight: 55 - 66 pounds

Life span: 

11 - 15 years

Suggested tests: 


Minor concerns: 


Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed History

Of all the Swiss mountain dogs, the Entlebucher is considered to be the smallest. Some research suggests that this breed is a descendent of the mastiffs that were used for guarding and fighting with the Roman legions. It is said that a man named Franz Schertenleib is credited with saving this breed from extinction. In the 1800s Schertenleib and Professor Albert Heim, a show judge from Zurich, searched the countryside of Switzerland for these dogs and helped to continue the breed. While rarely found in other countries, the Entlebucher mountain dog is quite popular in its homeland.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Appearance

Square-shaped and sturdy, the Entlebucher looks like the working dog that it is. The muscular body is supported by compact feet, and the hips of this breed are quite broad. The tail can be docked or left natural. The well-proportioned head features triangular ears that are quite small and brown eyes that offer a lively expression. The coat of this dog is smooth yet harsh, often with symmetrical markings that can be white, black, or tan in color. White markings are normally found on the chest, blaze, and toes.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Temperament

Friendly and alert, the Entlebucher is a breed that loves to be around people. It will generally want to please its master. It is good with both children and other family pets. Today, this breed is generally a companion or a livestock guard.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Maintenance

This breed is easy to groom. Regular brushing of the coat is really all that is needed. The Entlebucher is considered to be an average shedder. This breed is not recommended for those living in an apartment. It needs space to run and roam, and regular exercise is necessary. A large yard is recommended, as well as plenty of opportunity to roam safely.

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