Credit line for your family petPet Care Credit

Enter your pet's primary health condition and apply for immediate credit assistance
No impact to your credit score. Minimum 640 credit score.



  • Accepted at 99% of vet practices
  • Credit Check and approval in minutes
  • Deliver low rates through technology
  • Easy application from vet practice
  • 24/7 customer support

How it works

  1. Pet owners who need veterinary financing complete a simple online application through
  2. Vetary leverages online data and best-in-class technology to determine a credit rating and assign appropriate interest rates. Our technology reduces the cost of a credit check and rate, which allows us to pass savings onto you.
  3. Qualified pet owners will receive financing options in just a few minutes and can accept a loan option with no impact on their credit score.
  • "I Googled around and found Vetary credit. I filled out the online application and the office manager worked out payment with Vetary over the phone. Sphinx is healed and back to his normal spot in the house. Thank you Vetary!"

    - Teresa W.
  • "I was lucky enough to rescue a 6-year old black lab last year. What no one had told me was he had serious ear problems that would require ear canal surgery. I wouldn’t have had any other options it wasn’t for Vetary credit. He’s healed and I’m relieved."

    - Kurt P.
  • "I was so worried when my dog was diagnosed with cancer. I wouldn't have been able to move forward with the treatment quickly without Vetary Credit and am lucky to have Bruce."

    - Susan M.