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Make more by saving pets' lives.

More Clients

Increase your revenue through higher credit acceptance rates and lower fees.

Easy Payment

Full, upfront payment in seconds through your credit terminal up to $6,000.

Online Booking

Drive net new online appointments scheduling with online veterinary profiles.

Live Support

Stay in touch live online chat and phone support for both veterinary clients and staff.
Unlock your practice's revenue potential.Earn your stripes! Calculate increased revenue through higher approvals and zero sign-up, monthly and usage fees.
Our benefits are better.Discovering the difference shouldn’t cost you. Our terms are transparent, flexible and will increase your revenue.

Physician-First Tool Kit

Reduce the headache. Maximize care for your patients with simple application, payment and tracking financial services.

Easy Referral

Your front desk has landed on easy street. Effortlessly, send out instant credit application SMS referrals from your dashboard to your client’s mobile device.

Flexible Terms

Clients can select terms that fit their pocketbook. After receiving flexible financing options inside your office, your clients can select transparent repayment terms that fit the bill.

Virtual Card

Times change, but payment processing can remain the same. Get paid instantly through your practice’s existing credit card terminal. Once your client is approved, they’ll receive a virtual card that you can charge in seconds.

Practice Dashboard

Vetary provides many simple, intuitive, user-friendly tools to veterinary practices. You can initiate and track credit applications and provide your staff with helpful training resources and 24/7 live customer support.

Veterinarian Profiles

Attract more pet owners and stay connected with them. Your practice’s free online profile can increase your client-base by promoting your practice and driving net-new appointments.
Build your Veterinary ProfileClaim your free profile to connect with 800,000+ monthly pet owners


TED COHN, DVMRecent AVMA President & Senior Veterinary Advisor at Vetary
“What Vetary is doing is truly remarkable and will be a welcome relief for pet owners and veterinarians, who have struggled to find reasonable ways to afford even the most basic care for their animals — which most households consider a member of the family.”