Vetary is a new type of lender, focused on simplifying and enabling pet care for those who need it most. Our technology allows us to build a more complete understanding of your background and deliver transparent terms that you can understand. By building technology solutions that enable instant payments at any veterinary practice, we’ve worked to ensure treatment cost is not a barrier to quality pet care.

Vetary is the culmination of 15 years of marketplace experience. Co-founders Garrett, Tyler and Mazi, met at a previous company and set about building Vetary after they experienced the difficulties of pet ownership first-hand. Tyler had recently adopted a puppy, Ruby, who had numerous health issues and he soon found himself buried under veterinary bills. Visit after visit, from ER to specialist, the founders realized that identifying conditions, booking a great veterinarian, and paying for veterinary care was a massive pain. Many veterinary financing options leave pet parents behind, instead of pushing them forward.

Vetary was created to support pet owners during these difficult times by offering online treatment guides, 24/7 assistance, fully transparent rates, and affordable term options.

Your pets health shouldn't be limited by what is in your wallet.

How can I apply?

Getting treatment for your pet as well as getting the money to pay for their treatment should be simple. We understand that pets are part of the family so we have created a simple process for you to apply and a get your funds quickly. You are able to apply from:

  1. Your mobile device at https://www.vetary.com/apply/credit/.
  2. or

  3. Over the phone at (855) 738-9111. Please be prepared to confirm you have read the Terms of Service prior to completing the phone application (https://www.vetary.com/tos).

Decisions are made quickly and you can expect a response within minutes. Please be prepared to receive a call from an application specialist if there is any additional verification required.

How do I know if my vet accepts Vetary?
If you're qualified, we will issue you a virtual MasterCard. You will need to:
  1. Present your virtual credit card to the vet practice.
  2. If they accept MasterCard, then they can accept Vetary.
  3. The card information needs to be manually entered into their payment processing system.
  4. If any questions arise contact our 24/7 support team at (855) 738-9111.
Will you check my credit history?
We will conduct a soft credit check to determine your loan eligibility. What this means to you:
  • If you aren't eligible, your credit will not be affected.
  • If you are eligible and accept the loan terms we conduct a hard credit check which may affect your credit.
How soon can I expect a decision?

We strive to get you a response within seconds.

However, we may require additional verification to make a decision. In that scenario an application specialist will contact you directly.

Do I have to pay anything out of pocket to obtain a loan?
There are no fees to check if you're eligible for a loan.
How will I receive my loan?
Once you're approved and have accepted your loan agreement, we'll provide you with a virtual card. The card will be available instantly to pay for your pet's treatment directly through the practice's credit card terminal.
My loan amount does not cover the amount of the treatment, can the loan amount be adjusted?

You were pre-qualified for a certain amount however in the event the treatment cost is less, we will review and adjust the loan amount to be the final cost of the treatment. This does not require you to do anything on your end.

If you have questions you can contact us at (855) 738-9111 and an application specialist will assist you.

My loan amount is greater than the treatment amount, can the amount be adjusted?

You were pre-qualified for a certain amount however in the event the treatment cost is less, we will review and adjust the loan amount to be the final cost of the treatment. This does not require you to do anything on your end.

If you have questions you can contact us at 855-738-9111 and an application specialist will assist you.

Can I have more than one loan?

If you are looking to take out an additional loan with Vetary, you can apply at https://www.vetary.com/apply/credit/.

We will review your eligibility for a second loan. Please make sure you check your email and text messages for a notification of the decision.

When will my first payment be due?

Your payment date is based off of your origination date, or the day you use your card.


  • Origination date is 5/20/2016
  • Monthly Payments are due the 20th of every month
  • First Payment is due 6/20/2016
Can I cancel my loan once I have accepted the terms?
If you are wanting to cancel your request please contact our support team at (855) 738-9111
I do not remember my password?
You are able to reset your password through by selecting the "Forgot My Password" link on the login page https://www.vetary.com/login.
Can I add an authorized user to my account?
We do allow for one additional authorized user. The owner of the account will need to contact our support team at (855) 738-9111 to have the user added. Make note that the additional user will only be able to get information on the account. No changes can be made without the owner.
Can I have my bank account on file?
In order to update your bank account information for an upcoming payment, you can log into your repayment dashboard. After you've accessed the “Payments” view, click on “Automatic Payments” and then click “Add Bank Account”. Once new bank account has been added, authorize Vetary to electronically debit your account by clicking “Set up Auto Pay.”
How can I make a payment?

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

This is the simplest and preferred method of payment. You can select this in the application process or select the option once you are logged into your Vetary account.

If you elect not to use ACH, you can:

  1. Pay by Check
    Checks to be made payable to Vetary, Inc. and mailed to
    Vetary, Inc.
    1419 Chapin Ave. Suite 201 Burlingame, CA 94010

  2. Pay by Debit Card
    Payments made by debit card will be subject to the terms and conditions established by the debit card issuer. If charges cannot be processed through your debit card, or if your bank draft or electronic funds transfer is returned for insufficient funds, you will be responsible for any fees incurred and Vetary will have no liability with respect thereto.
Does Vetary charge a prepayment fee or penalty?
No, Vetary does not charge penalties or fees for early repayment of your loan
I was charged an insufficient funds fee with my bank, can this be reimbursed?
If there was an error in which Vetary processed your payment incorrectly please contact our support team at (855) 738-9111 and we can review your request.
What is Autopay?

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

This is the simplest and preferred method of payment. You can select this in the application process or select the option once you are logged into your Vetary account.

Payments will automatically be transferred from your bank account on file to your Vetary account to satisfy your monthly payment.

Can I turn off auto payments?
We don't recommend turning off the ACH payment method however, if you prefer another payment option you can turn select to turn this option off by logging into your Vetary account. Please make note that this can take 2-3 business days to process.
What happens if my loan payment is late?
If any scheduled payment is not paid in full within 10 days after its due date, you will be charged a late fee of $15.00.
What if I can't make my loan payment?
You have agreed to make payments on time. In the event you fail to pay an amount of your loan, we may engage in collection efforts to recover such amounts from you. Failure to pay may also affect your credit score.
What is an origination fee?
Vetary may charge an origination fee in the event your loan request is approved. This will be added to your final loan amount.
What is the difference between the interest rate and APR?

The interest rate refers to the annual cost of a loan that does not include fees charged for the loan. The APR is the annual cost of a loan to a borrower, which include fees. Example: The “annual percentage rate,” or APR, is a measure used to determine the true cost of a loan. So instead of your rate being 6.5% with $8,000 in fees, you will see the APR as 6.87% as the fees are now included.

How will Vetary help me reach my practice goals?
Vetary broadens a veterinarian's client base by enabling more treatments, enabling financing up to $6,000, and ensuring the reception of upfront payment at a convenience rate similar to a credit card transaction.
Why do I need to accept Vetary if I already accept general purpose credit cards?
With Vetary, your clients with insufficient funds or credit will be able to apply for immediate financial support. We offer them flexible financing and ensure the best possible rate by looking at their financial, social, email and behavioral metrics.
How do my patients apply for Vetary Credit?
Your patients can either navigate to the website or you can SMS an application link directly to them to begin the application process from their mobile device.
Isn't patient financing only for cases with expenses exceeding $1,000?
No, there is a need for veterinary financing as low as $600. We want to ensure that financial support is available for a wide range of treatments.
Aren't approval rates and credit lines low?
We use extended signals to ensure the delivery of the highest levels of approvals amounting up to $6000.
What if my patients don't pay their bills?
Your practice will receive a full upfront payment, regardless of whether your client repays their loan. We offer flexible financing to help patients select a repayment plan that matches their budget while working with them throughout the lifecycle of the loan.
What support can Vetary offer to my practice?
As part of our practice onboarding, Vetary provides an educational orientation on our financing offering and answers to all of your questions with our best-in-class 24/7 live support. We also offer online advertising displays, free office brochures and feature your practice's profile on our website.
What do patients say about Vetary?
Patients have provided feedback that they appreciate the transparent terms, flexible financing, automated payment, and reminders that are built into Vetary.
What equipment do I need?
The digital card solution follows the same payment gateway you’ve been using, which means no additional equipment, installation, or setup fee.
Do I have any liability?
No, Vetary will make an immediate payment to your practice after your client is approved and agrees to loan terms. After that, Vetary will handle the entire lifecycle of the loan directly with your client.
How much commission does Vetary take?
Forget the standard 5-15% transaction fee you may be paying today. Vetary leverages the power of the Internet to decrease cost, and focuses on creating a plan for the patient that they can afford. We pass these savings on to practices through zero commission financing.
What else is needed to setup my account?
Because there is no setup, we have no setup fee. All you need to do to get started is firm-up your practice details with Vetary.com and log in to your Vetary Practice Dashboard to track and refer new patients.
Is Vetary easy for my practice to use?
Absolutely. Our veterinary dashboard allows medical staff members to help your clients by simply entering their phone number and clicking submit. From there, your client will receive an SMS application link to begin the application process from their mobile device.
Where did the information on my profile come from?
Vetary has performed the work of scanning the web to pull millions of data points and has crunched the information to display unique insight about veterinary practices. If you would not like to have this information publicly displayed, you can elect to hide these sections in the “Profiles” section of the veterinary dashboard.
How do I set up my online profile?
Patients are looking for your practice online. List on Vetary for free and receive the benefits of an online profile, online scheduling, and automatic email/SMS patient notifications.
How do I change my online profile?
Your practice can take full control of the content published on your Vetary profile by navigating to the 'Profile' section in the veterinary dashboard to update, add or remove content.
What is Vetary's security policy?
We treat security and privacy with the utmost seriousness. In order to best protect you and your valuable data against fraud and theft, our secure system is tested by our team and third-party agencies regularly.
What happens to the practice business data you retrieve during sign-up?
We will never sell your data, under any circumstance. Data submitted during the application process is used solely for the purposes of establishing credit-worthiness, verifying your online identity, and minimizing fraud. We do not store your usernames, passwords, or other login credentials.
What security protocols does Vetary have in place to protect my information?
Simply put, it is world-class protection. Protecting your information is one of the most important things we do. All account information is stored securely off-site in a protected data center with PCI level 1 compliant hardware. All data entered into Vetary is encrypted using industry-leading SHA-256 SSL technology before being sent to our servers, and our servers have multiple levels of protection including firewalls, subnets, and multi-factor authentication.
Give Bark to Shelters
Vetary is different than other pet financing solutions. We work to actively give back to pet shelters and rescue organizations. The Vetary Foundation, Save a Bark™ is a simple and automatic way for pet patients and veterinarian clinics to support local 501(c)(3) animal organizations.
How It Works
Vetary Foundation donates whenever a pet parent applies for Vetary Credit or books a pet care appointment online through Vetary.com. We will make a donation on behalf of the pet patient or veterinarian clinic.
Submit Your Shelter
Share your animal rescue organization information to learn more about participating in the Vetary Foundation.