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More ApprovalsAnalysis of more data for more instant approvals
Better RatesData-driven, so you’re always paying the best rate
Immediate PaymentVeterinary approval in a matter of minutes
24/7 SupportRound-the-clock live support and veterinary Q&A advice

Pet Treatment approval in 3 easy steps

Smart Rate CheckPet owners with lower credit scores can connect their bank account to increase their chances of approval.
Sign Contract OnlineAfter you’re approved, you’ll be able to easily read over your contact and digitally agree from any device
Setup AutopaySet up automatic monthly payments to effortlessly pay off your loan over time.

What pet owners say about us

I Googled around and found Vetary Pet Credit. I filled out the online application and the office manager worked out payment with Vetary over the phone. Thank you Vetary!
Susan B.Portland, Oregon
I was so worried when my dog was diagnosed with cancer. I wouldn't have been able to move forward without Vetary Credit and am lucky to have Bruce.
James D.Los Angeles, California
Thank you Vetary - you helped not only catch, but afford, my goldens terrible issue. The veterinarian says she'll have more than a few years left with the family.
Janet S.Henderson, NV
I called the Vetary support number in the middle of the night and received the assurance and financial assistance that I needed immediately. Belle is alive and well because of Vetary.
Mary C.Casper, Wyoming

Higher approvals through better data

Data pulled from pet owner activity and bank accounts can improve rates

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Bank Signals
Payment Plans
Vetary Financing
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We use technology to pull additional data to increase approvals and lower rates for pet owners.

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